Book Marketing

One of my friends, Kerry Forrestal, is looking for someone to help him market his book. He is an emergency doctor at PRMC, but writes books on the side. Here is the message he sent me:
“The project is basically getting our book out to newspapers that are large enough to do book reviews but small enough to take an interest. So, for example, our book is not likely to be reviewed in the New York Times anytime soon, but the Ithica times did a very very nice review. So we're looking to find newspapers in the mid-range in markets that are friendly to science fiction. The starting date is flexible as soon as we find somebody, The number of hours was initially going to at 50 before we reevaluate if there's anything worthwhile going on. The pay rate would be $10 an hour with a bonus of $25 every time they get us into the newspaper for review. They have to document all contacts so that we have the research to go back on later.
This is the first project of several that I have that could use an extra set of hands to do some of the work I don't have time to do.”

Interested? Reach out to Kerry Forrestal: 419-302-9480.