CREATIVE COPYWRITER - Response Dynamics, Inc., Fairfax, VA


Response Dynamics, Inc is one of the largest conservative direct mail firms in the United States and has been in the forefront of Republican fundraising for almost 40 years. At this historic juncture, we are looking for a self-starting, issues-oriented creative/copywriter/innovator who is capable of conceiving, developing and implementing direct mail fundraising campaigns. A knowledge of issues must be combined with a dynamic and powerful writing style that is both elegant and hard-hitting. Responsibilities include discussions with clients concerning issues and the thrust of the fundraising letters.  And taking those issues, developing them into winning, money producing fundraising letters. It is your creativity, insight and the way you handle language that will ultimately guarantee your results.  Response Dynamics has its own warehouse and fulfillment services so all your energies can be placed into the foremost objective: developing winning fundraising packages. Your creativity shall be financially rewarded at the highest level. Compensation is wholly dependent upon you. Ideally, we would like 3-5 years experience in conservative direct mail fundraising but if you are unique and bring other attributes to the table we would be more than willing to listen. Response Dynamics offers a comprehensive package of health care benefits, sick days, personal business days, 401(k) and all that goes with it. Response Dynamics also has a very liberal reward system so if you produce at an exceptional level, you will be rewarded at an exceptional level. Please submit resumes to