New Day USA - 2 internships

My name is Leigh Flounlacker and I graduated with a degree in psychology from SU in the spring of 2015. Since my time at Salisbury, I’ve continued being a part of a research project with Dr. Tomcho in the Psych Department, while also beginning a career in mortgage finance and business consulting at NewDay USA, a veteran-focused mortgage lending company in Fulton, MD.

I am reaching out to you because we are currently promoting a world class paid internship here at NewDay USA, and I believe you may have students that could truly benefit from it. It’s a really great opportunity that helps give college juniors and seniors experience in business consulting, management and finance. It’s two weeks at NewDay USA during winter break for $1500 and then they get addition money as they participate in activities on campus in Salisbury for the remainder of the semester. For those who finish the MBA courses that we pay for and provide for them, they also get an all-expenses paid trip to the Final Four in AZ. Another great benefit is that they are trying to full time hire a lot more people for the May classes out of the internship, so this could be a great opportunity for someone that’s looking to get a job right out of college.

I’m attaching the link to the internship to this email. If you would, please provide your current students and staff with this information and my email so they are able to get in contact with me if they are I loved my time at Salisbury, but I wish I was made aware of more opportunities such as this so that I would’ve had more hands on experience in my career coming in, so I hope this helps other students for their future.

Thank you so much and I look forward to hearing from you and your peers,

Leigh Flounlacker

Account Executive
MLO NMLS #1509125
Company NMLS #1043


PS I could not add the PDF versions of the job requirements. Please reach out to Leigh if you are interested! MRS M