Sales position


Assertiveness - Assertive, incentive and results oriented, assertiveness within parameters of training and guidelines Sociability -

Extroverted, sociable, people-oriented, outgoing, needs interaction, persuasive communicator, optimistic, enthusiastic, poised.

Patience - Impatient, pro­active, multi­tasking, sense of urgency, needs quick results, change/variety, energetic, restless.

Dependence - Independent, no fear of failure, works well with rules and procedures, risk taker.

Emotional Control - Decisions backed up by details. Organized. Creative thinker.

Stamina - Above average energy, which means that he/she is capable of investing normal hours, and if he/she decides to do so, extra hours in his/her work performed without difficulty.


Prospecting - Has the people orientation found in successful prospectors.

Closing - Possesses most of the assertiveness and risk orientation found in successful closers.

Organization/Attention to Detail - Organized, detail oriented, perfectionistic and accurate but can be creative to solve a problem.

Response to incentives/commissions - Will respond well to incentives/commissions.

Need for Direction - Need for direction is moderate. Self-motivated but likes structure, procedures, rules and guidelines.

Turnover Propensity - Not impulsive. Turnover propensity low.

Money is the driver...they want success and know it is within them to achieve it.

Smart, energetic and wants to win. All of these traits are found in successful athletes.

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