Volunteer Opportunity

The Maryland CASH (Creating Assets, Savings and Hope) Campaign is a statewide non-profit that assists low and moderate income working families by offering financial education and asset building programs. Maryland CASH provides free and low cost financial education classes through partnerships with service providers such as non-profits, banks, credit unions, educational institutions, and other financial professionals.

As a volunteer at Maryland CASH you will provide opportunities to low income to moderate income individuals and families through non-biased/fact based financial education and coaching. This cultivates new skills that will in turn increase financial stability and help the community reach their financial goals. As a Financial Educator your roles, expectations, and benefits will include:

·         Conducting free, fact-based financial education classes/workshops on a variety of financial management topics.

·         Participating in financial education training to ensure familiarity with financial education content and delivery methods.

·         Helping students improve their understanding of financial concepts to meet their personal financial goals.

Maryland CASH Campaign will work closely with all educators by assisting in marketing of classes/workshops, registering students for your classes, and assisting in educator development. To learn more please visit http://www.mdcashacademy.org/become-an-educator or contact Jarred Ervin, Volunteer Maryland Coordinator at Volunteer@MDCASH.org or (443)692-9428