Avalon - Entry Level

How’s your job going? Do you and your coworkers collaborate on strategic and creative projects every day? Are you pushing the boundaries of marketing communications with new media? Are you allowed to test your hunches? Is your voice heard?

Hmmm. Then maybe you should take a look at our agency – Avalon – one of Washington, DC’s most well-regarded, cutting-edge full-service fundraising consulting agencies.

We’re a women-owned, women-run company that creates award-winning, successful multi-channel marketing and fundraising campaigns for nonprofit and political clients.  We love our work – and it shows – in our extremely high staff retention rate (DC agencies aren’t usually known for that!), our industry accolades, and our happy clients.

We’ve created a corporate culture unlike any other agency. We’re smart, strategic, analytical, creative, innovative, collaborative, and most of all:  passionate about our work. Because every single day, we get to make the world a better place by helping our clients raise millions of dollars to fulfill their inspiring missions – cultural, environmental, social, political, charitable. How great is that?

We also strive for a healthy work/home balance for everyone at Avalon – knowing that if we work with each employee to design reasonable expectations and responsibilities, and a work plan for getting them done, they won’t burn out. Because our expectations are high, and the work is hard – we’re driven, but we’re doing work we love.


Visit our website to get a feel for what Avalon’s about. Our colleagues have come to Avalon via varied and intriguing paths, and they’ve stuck around. Our client list is a roster of nonprofits and political groups you already know. And our ground-breaking, award-winning work tells you a lot about our values.

So what do you think? Would you like to work hard in a collaborative, fun office atmosphere – helping to raise money for nonprofits and political groups that are changing the world? Then check out our job openings [avalonconsulting.net/who-we-are/join-us] and get in touch. We’d love to meet you.