Internship at the Henker Group

The Henker Group offers a comprehensive, hands-on internship experience. Interns will work closely with President, Mary Ann Henker, all employees and other interns. You will meet our clients, attend meetings and be a part of internal and external projects. Our interns are immersed in our business and are completely exposed to all facets of integrated marketing communications (IMC).

Why THG? If you are looking for: • Real world experience • A hands-on work environment • A resume building internship • An all-inclusive learning experience • A top-notch professional reference • A learning experience like NO OTHER • Professional connections with business leaders who have 20+ years of experience in the industry Then WE are the business for you!

We are interested in the following majors/ minors: • Marketing • Business Administration • International Business • Management • Human Communication Studies • Communications • Journalism/Public Relations • Media Production • Media Studies • Graphic Design • Photography • Art • Visual Communications • English Pick from one of the following internships: • Integrated Marketing Communications Intern • Public Relations Intern • Graphic Design Intern • Marketing Intern • Business Administration Intern • Or we can match you your skills and interests with the appropriate internship

We run an exclusive internship program where we offer “5 Spots” to the most deserving applicants! Will you be one? Before you apply, please understand: • It’s all about commitment – We only accept interns who can work with us at least 30 hours a week. You will be in charge of certain projects so we need your time commitment in order to ensure those projects are accomplished on time. • When we are “off-the-clock”, we’re not really “off-the-clock” – sometimes we need to work late or text/email after business hours. We only accept interns who are available and able to do this. • We work FAST – we are a small IMC agency that has a lot of work! You need to enjoy and thrive in a fast paced environment to work with us! • Priorities change at the drop of a hat – you need to be proficient with transitioning quickly from one task to another. • We get things done – know that you need to be okay with aggressive timelines. When our clients need something done last minute, we make sure it is done! • The world is run by technology – a laptop computer and cellphone are a must for this internship! • This is an unpaid internship as we provide hours of learning opportunities and real-world experiences.

Ready to apply? Choose from one of the internships we offer listed on the left. Forward your resume and cover letter to: Mary Ann Henker President Email: Ensure your cover letter includes the semester in which you are applying for an internship, if your internship will be graded or not, and which internship you would like to apply for. Media Production, Media Studies, Graphic Design, Visual Communications, Photography, and Art majors, please include portfolio pieces in your electronic packet or a link to your online portfolio. Now what? We will be in touch with you in the next few weeks if we are interested. Following a “We’re interested” email, we will conduct a phone or in-person interview with you, to see if you fit our criteria. If during the phone interview we believe a match might exist, we will then invite you in for an in-person interview. We look forward to your applying!