My name is John Baker and I am the General Sales Manager with Resort Broadcasting, WGMD, in Rehoboth, DE.

I was referred to you by one of your previous students, Laura Duvall.  Laura joined our staff in January, 2016 and her performance with our organization and her service to our clientele has been superlative.  We are in need of talented individuals like Laura to facilitate our forward momentum as we are expanding into digital and video media to provide our business community with the most potential for their advertising investment.

I would be most appreciative of any referrals you can send my way.  I would be happy to interview any graduating students with a genuine desire to enter the challenging and rewarding career of advertising sales and service.  Hopefully, I can acquire another Laura Duvall.

Thank you for taking a moment to consider my request and I wish you a most joyful summer season.


John Baker,  General Sales Manager

      Office: 302 945-2050 

      Fax: 302 945-3781

      Cell: 302 381-9545