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Bill Burke suggested I send this to you. I was asking him if he knew of any recent graduates that may be a good candidate for a sales or a sales/operational position with our retail lighting fixture showroom.

My wife Karen, who I included above would actually be the point of contact. She is looking to add some personnel to help handle the increased business we have been doing because of the recent uptick in new home construction. I’ll give you some quick info for the (2) positions we have been considering as well I have attached a “Job Description” & a ‘Position Profile” above.(I've copied the job descriptions below.)

Both positions would require them to be able to fulfill the responsibilities of the Lighting Showroom Sales Document above.

We are hoping that (1) person we hire in addition to their in-house customer sales responsibilities, will be able to take on operational responsibilities that are necessary to make our operation run smoothly.

We hope the 2nd person would be more “sales focused” and after a period of training and getting comfortable with everything would migrate towards some outsides sales responsibilities where that person would make relationships with residential home builders to secure their lighting fixture business for the homes they build.

These are full-time positions with benefits. These are positions that if someone takes an interest in and applies themselves they could make a nice career out of. I would say the starting pay would be in the $35-$40,000 range and as you know with sales, the opportunity of commissions with sales growth has potential to drive those figures up.

Just so you have a quick idea of the main job focus for these positions, they will be helping our customers with selections of lighting fixtures, paddle fans and some decorative accessories like art work & mirrors for their homes.

Position: Lighting Showroom Salesperson

Reports to: Showroom Manager

Primary Function: A Lighting Showroom Salesperson is responsible for providing assistance to customers during the sales/purchase process and for responding to customer inquiries in a professional manner. The Lighting Showroom Salesperson is responsible for maintaining strong product knowledge and is encouraged to market and promote new products as well as product specials.

Essential Responsibilities:

  1. Greets and assists all customers in a courteous, professional, helpful manner in person and on the telephone
  2. Processes customer counter and telephone product orders efficiently
  3. Increases knowledge and awareness of the company products and pricing structure through self-study and video training
  4. Actively markets product features so as to maximize sales potential
  5. Researches and responds to special customer requests in a timely manner
  6. Returns all phone calls & emails in a timely fashion
  7. Identifies products that are not regular or stock items.  Recommends addition or deletion of products to Showroom Manager
  8. Maintains a neat and clean appearance of showroom by inspecting and addressing daily:
    1. Burned out bulbs
    2. Catalog stock
    3. Installing new display fixtures
    4. Cleaning of display fixtures
    5. Vacuuming Floors
    6. Cleaning counters, doors, and windows
    7. Removal of empty display pedestals and products that impede the flow of traffic
  9. Reports inventory level discrepancies to the Showroom Manager
  10. Answers ringing telephones
  11. Maintains an orderly and neat arrangement of work station
  12. Establishes and maintains superior working relationships with customers, team members, and business partners

The list of duties and responsibilities above is a framework for the main requirements of this position.  Please note that this list is not all inclusive.  You may be asked at any time by your supervisor, because of specific company needs, to perform additional duties that may or may not be related to your job.

DenneyElectric - LightingShowroomSalesperson

Completed By : David Lunken Survey Date : 2/26/2015 Report Date : 3/12/2015

This job requires connecting with people quickly in an outgoing, friendly manner. The use of persuasive communication skills to gain the interest and involvement of others in the work process is an important aspect of the job. An extreme sense of urgency is needed, combined with getting work done in complete, accurate detail and in accordance with company standards and policies. The motivation for this position comes from a strong sense of duty and a feeling of responsibility for completing work both quickly and correctly. A faster than average work pace is necessary combined with impatience for results. 

Follow-up of delegated work must be very thorough. Decision making will be done with the ideas and advice of others, but always carefully and cautiously within the guidelines of established company policy. Selling ideas to others and the ability to train, teach and motivate a team are strong aspects of this position.

Change is an ongoing occurrence of this job and will be approached conservatively and with the support and guidance of management.

JOB CHARACTERISTICS Below are the salient job characteristics, summarized and categorized. For best success, find candidates who thrive in the environment described below. Pace and Variety of Activities Faster than average pace A changing environment, but guidelines and support will be provided for tasks outside of specific job area Focus Very detail-oriented Efficiency is of utmost importance Decision-Making. Risk taking is not required. Careful, conservative and by the book, being careful to avoid mistakes. Decisions will be made with input from others. Communication and Collaboration Will involve the team throughout the whole work process Communication will be friendly and persuasive Will project enthusiasm and promote team participation Delegation and Leadership Style When the job requires delegation, a thorough, but pleasant follow-up will be required Will be a friendly and responsive team leader with a strong sense of duty

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Feel free to reach out to Karen through her email or phone @ 800-642-1120 if you have any additional questions or if you have anyone in mind who may be of interest to us.