Job Description – Student Assistant – Paid Internship – ASAE Scholarly Grant

Salisbury University is the recipient of a grant to study critical success factors of eLearning program implementations. The office of the MBA at Perdue School of Business is interested in this topic because we are responsible for launching and managing both hybrid and online learning programs. The position will start on September 29, 2016 and the student will work for approximately 13-15 hours per week through the fall and spring of the 2016-17 academic year. While the hours are flexible, once a schedule is determined the student will work the same hours each week in PH 360. The hours include a telework component.

The student will participate in all aspects of the grant including the following activities, in addition to others that may arise.

·         Help conduct a literature review of recent articles concerning the successful launch of online programs.

·         Communicate with prospective participants concerning the merits of the program.

·         Draft and edit program overview materials.

·         Help develop a website devoted to the research.

·         Promote all phases of the study, in phases, by drawing interested parties to the website through social media.

·         Work with the project’s marketing consultant on all aspects of an integrated, inbound marketing program including SEO management, automating the marketing process, drafting weekly blogs and communication templates, managing contacts through SalesForce, and other marketing activities as assigned.

·         Moderate discussions within Canvas by and between participants in the study.

·         Aid in the qualitative research aspects of the study by working with the principal researcher in NVivo.

·         Help disseminate the final results of the study.

This is an ideal opportunity to engage in a project that has both a research/academic component and a real-world marketing effort that is similar to what might be necessary for a start-up organization, or for an organization embarking on a new product or service launch. In addition to $9 per hour (approximately $4,000 over the course of the school year), you will have a tremendous amount of real-world experience to add to your resume.

please apply with a Resume & Cover letter to