Edleman is hiring in DC

Here's a link to opportunities

This came from My friend Lindsey....

Hi Paula,

Hope you are doing well and have some great students this semester.


I've taken on the responsibility of co-coordinator for the Edelman Digital DC internship program, and wanted to see if we could get a few current Edelman job opportunities out to some of your students & recent grads! 


Right now, there are a number of internship openings. We typically hire recent college graduates since our internships are full-time for 3-6 months, but have done summer internships in the past for exceptional candidates. I can speak directly to any of the three digital internships, as well as the analytics AAE, and can find the right connection for any other roles that would be of interest. We hire interns year-round as the need arises, although we typically have larger "waves" of interns beginning in November and June.


(Here is a link to open DC listings - https://djeholdings.taleo.net/careersection/us/jobsearch.ftl?lang=en&radiusType=M&location=31300100672


And... if you know anyone a few years out of school who may be looking and a good fit for the Digital Crisis SAE role, I also work closely with that team--they are AMAZING--and want to help them find a good hire!


I'd love to catch up if you'll be in DC anytime soon.