AARP anyone? Plus, working with a SU grad...

Hi there!

How are you?? I'm sure happy that the semester is nearly over if it's not already. I know I've been off the map for a while trying to get things figured out... I've been over at AARP for a few months now, and wanted to let you know that the "Direct Response Assistant" on our team is moving on to new opportunities. My manager asked if I knew anyone interested, so of course you came right to mind. This would be an entry level position for anyone looking to learning more about the direct response industry - primarily mail.

The pay is competitive and the benefits are great - plus working in downtown D.C. is always exciting. I don't have an official job description yet as this is pretty fresh, but wanted to put the bug in your ear since I know it's graduation month. If you know of anyone you could forward my way, it would be much appreciated!

I'll be sure to pass along more info as I receive it.

Hopefully I'll get the chance to make a few beach trips this summer and we can grab lunch and catch up! And I'm sure I'll see you at Bridge - talk to you soon!

Let me know if you are interested. I'll make the connection!