The City of Salisbury

Salisbury, Maryland


 About The City of Salisbury

We are growing, working and building our City. The 2016 US Census Bureau Population Estimate shows that between 2010 and 2016, we added 3,061 people to the City of Salisbury. That represents 10% growth from 2010, making Salisbury the #1 fastest growing city in Maryland since 2010.
We remain the economic capital of the Eastern Shore, with 91.1% of all business revenue in Wicomico County received in the City of Salisbury (Bureau of Economic Analysis, 2017) and 83% of all employment in Wicomico County within the City of Salisbury (Bureau of Labor Statistics, OWIP, 2017). Our job market continues to shine. In 2015, we were the 42nd fastest growing job market in America. In 2016, we were the 7th fastest growing job market in America (US Conference of Mayors Metro Economies Index, 2017). Median advertised wage for the more than 2,000 jobs we have available in Salisbury has risen to $46,307 in March 2017 – an indicator of good things to come. Our median age continues to decline to 28.2, and educational achievement continues to rise.  
And to accommodate these jobs and people, the construction industry is heating up. Construction value in the City through March 2017 is $20,106,255 for the calendar year, up 10% over 2016 at this time. Wicomico County now has fewer than 2 months of housing inventory as the housing market heats up once again. We have 3 single family residential developments underway with over 100 units under construction, and we have over 1,800 multifamily units in the construction and permitting pipeline. Assessments of our property continues to climb and the pace of both construction and employment tells us that the best is in front of us. The future is bright.

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Position(s) Available - Internships

Location - The City of Salisbury, Mayor’s Office, 125 North Division Street, Salisbury, Maryland 21801, (410) 548-3100 - (Approximately 1.5 miles north of the Salisbury University campus.)

Position Requirements

We promise our students the most complete, well rounded public service internship experience available. We treat our interns as staff members, not as college students. We engage them in current events and encourage them to think outside of the box to devise innovative, applicable solutions. Our interns receive on-the-job training and are challenged daily to exceed expectations. Students receive honest feedback, advice, and guidance. We take personal interest in their professional development and preparation for life after college. 

We offer Internships during 3 semesters of the school year, and require resumes and applications to be submitted for review by the following dates:

Fall Semester             September 15

Spring Semester         January 15

Summer Semester       May 15 

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call or email the City of Salisbury Mayor’s Office- Alison Pulcher, Deputy City Administrator or (410)548-3100

How to Apply

Please email your cover letter, resume and application to Alison Pulcher, Deputy City Administrator

Who Should Apply

All majors are encouraged to apply.  This is ideal for Juniors and Seniors and is especially ideal for students interested in careers in government, public service and public administration.