Easy access to Sales & Digital Marketing Jobs through HubSpot and Indeed

Big. News :)

HubSpot has partnered with Indeed.com to help your students get their first job and launch their career.

Through this partnership:

·  HubSpot agencies will post jobs and internships explicitly for your students.

·  Students can upload their resume and be recruited by a HubSpot Agency Partner.

HubSpot will host our annual INBOUND event on September 25, where over 2,000 of our marketing and sales agencies will be in attendance to hear this partnership announcement.

These agencies will immediately begin recruiting from the pool of students who have uploaded their resumes and begin posting jobs shortly after.

We, as a community, are aiming to publish 1,000 student resumes uploaded before September 25. Here’s why:

1.       Agencies will begin sourcing from the pool of students who have uploaded their resumes immediately. Don’t have your students miss out. Give them a head start in launching their career.

2.       Agencies will post MORE jobs if they see there are lots of students to hire. Building a two-sided network (jobs and students) is a balancing act, and we need to bring our side to the table.

3.       This is only the first step - if this is successful we will encourage our community of 30,000+ customers to post job opportunities directly to your students through this partnership.

Have your students follow these instructions exactly to upload their resumes.

Working together, we are building a massive number of job opportunities for your students, and helping them launch their careers. Let's do this!

Please let me know if you have any questions. 


Isaac Moche,  imoche@hubspot.com 

Education Partner Program Manager