Furniture Land - Marketing Manager Responsibilities

Marketing Manager Responsibilities

The Director of Marketing will oversee all marketing and public relations duties needed to grow our two brands; FurnitureLand and Ashley HomeStore(s) of Delmarva.  Responsibilities will include but are not limited to the following…

 1.  Complete ownership of the FurnitureLand website at  This includes a more thorough and complete representation of all items in stock with 100% pricing visibility within the first 6 mos of taking on this role. 

·       By the end of the first year, the website must be fully transactional with delivery capabilities within our current delivery area(s) based on zip codes. 

·       The website must also have complete continuity with our physical store front, our current promotions etc.  This means that the website slider must be designed and updated for every event as well as a landing page set up for each promotion so that the URL can be used through digital marketing specific to that event. 

2.  Complete ownership of the digital strategy for all brands/stores.  This includes a keen understanding and a high level of execution regarding the following…

·       Use of a re-targeting pixel on the FurnitureLand website as well as any Ashley “Delmarva Direct” pages or sites we may make. 

·       Keen understanding of Google ad words

·       IP targeting, and the use of triggers and understanding how to reach people during specific events in their lives that are conducive to buying furniture. 

·       Use of geo-fencing/geo-coquesting

·       Implementation and consistent execution of a social media strategy.  This needs to include a stronger presence on Instagram and establishing a presence on Pinterest.  This strategy must include a growth goal for followers and a schedule for weekly posts that guarantee weekly posts relevant to in store events and objectives.  We want to use social to engage with her, not “talk at her” (like most retailer’s including us). 

o   We need to get the sales team involved in the social media participation.  More customer photos, more reviews, more product information videos/tutorials etc.  The Director of Marketing must drive their engagement. 

·       Define the frequency and send out email blasts in the appropriate format so it is somewhat visible without opening. 

3.  Complete ownership and stewardship of a 6% ad budget which is expected to exceed $1,000,000 by the end of 2019. 

4.  Manage all relationships with our media partners and place all media buys which consists primarily of broadcast TV, specifically, WBOC and WMDT. 

5.  Plan and execute all Direct Mail campaigns…Currently 4 to 6 times per year, primarily using our own mailing list along with rented names.  Generally 60,000 units will drop per campaign, with each campaign lasting three consecutive weekends. 

6.  Create promotion planners for each event.  This is the communication device between marketing and the sales team that explains the offer that is being seen publically and what the parameters are on how it will be executed in store. 

7.  Direct all creative development for video content through our media partners, currently being managed by a firm out of FL known as ACA.  They are on retainer for both stores for video production.  We also have a creative bank with WBOC for free local content to be shot and produced. 

8.  Guarantee continuity between in store and on screen experiences. 

·       In store signage must be changed to match each event. 

·       In store hand-outs must have continuity with each event. 

·       Website sliders must be updated

·       YouTube video must be current with ads

·       The website “ad’s page” must be updated

·       The Delmarva Direct page for Ashley must have current offers

·       Featured products and pricing must be re-prioritized on the website to make them appear earlier on the results list. 

·       Social must be updated to include offers, video, banners, images etc so there is 100% continuity. 

9.  Reputation Management-Drive more online reviews (Google, Yelp and Facebook) and respond immediately to any negative reviews. 

·       This includes helping to recruit, specifically for sales staff.  We cannot wait for people to apply, we have to actively go and get the very best.  Digital allows us the opportunity to target specific people in ways we have not been able to in the past. 

10.  General skills needed…

·       Some computer coding knowledge would be good

·       Graphic design knowledge

·       Ability to work with Microsoft Excel and Word

·       A high degree of comfort and proficiency in working with website design etc. 

·       A high degree of proficiency and creativity surrounding social media. 

·       Strong communication skills-The ability to “sell the event to our internal customers,” our sales staff. 

11.  Work with MEDIC team to promote events for our internal customers. 

12.  Sell on Amazon? 

13.  Prepare and participate in monthly meetings where marketing strategy will be presented to key leaders for the following month. 

14.  Facilitate monthly digital meeting through digital provider (currently WBOC)….Curate dashboards to include a weekly snap shot of each campaign and traffic and sales volume comparisons to past two years.  Include all forms of media being used for each week to assess cost per up and overall marketing effectiveness. 

            *Establish goals for each digital KPI

            *Be consistent and specific about what qualifies as a conversion  

15.  Generate media buzz about causes that we support.  Help to inform decisions on which causes should be supported.  Public relations. 


Justin B. Barnes

38529 Sussex Hwy (Rt.13N)

Delmar, DE  19940

Phone:  302-846-0777 ext. 126

FurnitureLand in Delmar, DE is seeking a qualified candidate for the role of Marketing Manager. Candidates for this role must have a high degree of competency in managing and overseeing various digital marketing tactics through the use of social media, paid search, targeting and re-targeting tactics and email marketing. In addition to digital marketing expertise, qualified candidates must be willing to maintain and update a website with over 10,000 products represented. Those considered for this role should be prepared to demonstrate the skills listed above as well as the discipline to manage a strict marketing budget and place conventional media buys for television and direct mail. If you are a creative yet disciplined and driven individual who wants to join a progressive, forward thinking, high performance team please send resume.