Do you have a Social Media Posting Policy?

As an individual or a corporation, you have a brand in the online world. What do you want people to know about your brand when they look?

They WILL look! 

I got this note from one of my students this semester:

 Mrs. M,

I'm not sure if you wanted to mention this to the class regarding social media, but my one interviewer printed out all my social media pages. They had one of my LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc. This is definitely something students our age have to be careful of. Luckily, all my stuff is private and I don't post anything controversial. I thought this was very relatable to the social media policy we all turned in.

The assignment she mentioned in her message goes like this:

Working on social media posting policies in class

Working on social media posting policies in class

Please write your Personal Social Media Posting Policy and memorize it. (You can do this exercise for a company as well.) It needs to cover what you will post as well as what you will not.  Keep the policy:

1.     Simple, enough to remember,

2.     Thorough enough to protect you, and

3.     Meaningful enough to guide your online decisions.

 My Social Media Posting Policy is:

My goal is to model behavior others can follow in the online world. Most of my posts focus on Social Media, Personal Branding, Leadership and occasionally my family (and I know where that goes!)

Here are some examples I really like:

“My goal is to keep a positive social media presence that represents my love and knowledge of fashion but remains something I would show to my parents and would make them proud. My posting will not be over personalized about my personal life but will include anything I deem acceptable and believe that will boost my fashion presence. My social media sites will remain slightly personal but not overly and mostly focus on my fashion companies and my modeling but stay classy.”

 “Don’t let Facebook disfigure the professional status you wish to achieve,

As you tweet, comment, and post make sure a positive message is what you leave.

While marketing yourself, it’s important to stay up to date and LinkedIn,

So that every post you make will instantly sink in.

It’s encouraged to show and express your passion,

as long as it’s done in a professional fashion”

“My goal currently on social media is to highlight my values, beliefs, and assets that I may provide to a potential place of employment. A viewer of my account(s) should get an idea of what I enjoy, as well as what I feel is important. I don’t post much, but when I do, it’s typically something worth posting. I also know, especially on Twitter, that humorous, yet suggestive postings will consume my timeline. In general, I look and laugh, but keep scrolling; retweeting/reposting those posts may reflect on my values. Tread carefully." 

What’s your policy? Please share it in the comment section below!