Don’t be a Social Media Creeper

Use MrsPTMorris’ Social Media Rule of 10 to engage your audience before trying to sell them something!

Let’s say you and a bunch of friends are at the beach, standing in a bar, chatting, while you wait for your dinner table. A stranger walks up to your group and says, “Hi, let me show you this really cool APP. Want to buy it?”

What’s your first thought?

  • A - CREEPER!
  • B - How RUDE?
  • C - Who is this dude?
  • D - How fast can we get out of here?
  • E – Sure, tell me more about your APP.

I’m guessing E is not your first thought. 

Yet, when it comes to Social Media Marketing, companies tend to lead with the offer…. Often their posts sound like the stranger (Creeper) in the bar… “Let me show you this cool APP.” “Use this coupon.” or “Buy our product.” “Look, here’s another color.”

Mariah Calagione’s comment that “Social Media Marketing is a lot like bar talk, but, it’s a really big bar,” makes complete sense to me. Think about it.

When walking up to a group of people in a social setting (close friends, acquaintances, or potential new friends), we usually stand quietly and listen to the conversation before participating. Then, occasionally, we’ll nod our head acknowledging the direction the conversation takes. After a while, we might feel comfortable enough to agree or comment on something someone else says. Finally, after nodding, commenting and engaging in the conversation, we’ve earned the right to share our own opinion.

Only after we’re fully engaged, do we earn the right to be part of the group. It’s at that point we’ve can start sharing ideas and potentially changing the flow of the conversation. Don’t dominate the conversation. The rules start over again as the topic changes.

Remember, Social Media is SOCIAL. Etiquette rules apply.

I’ve heard some folks boil it down to this advice. When you see someone you want to meet, don’t propose marriage before saying hello.

Simply stated, use MrsPTMorris’ Social Media Rule of 10:

  • Listen first
  • Like 10 times before you comment
  • Comment 10 times before you share
  • Share 10 times before you post

Your posts should be:

  • 70% curated (stuff you found)
  • 20% created (stuff you wrote)
  • 10% promoted (stuff about your products / events)

I’d love to hear your opinions. Please share your comments and thoughts below.  Do you have any Social Media RULES?  hat companies do Social Media Marketing really well?  Which ones are CREEPY?

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