Every step of the job search process: Tied to how to do it with HubspotCRM

Job Search Process:

1.     Establish your career objective: Who are you? What do you want to do? What are your strongest skills, abilities, and characteristics? These are all questions that become the first and most necessary when starting your career exploration. When marketing yourself to future employers you need to match your qualities to their company and how you will best meet their needs.

·       HubSpot CRM benefit: Although HubSpot CRM is designed for sales representatives to track their leads; it is very beneficial for the job search process. Regardless of what job you are aspiring to get you are first selling yourself. You are proposing to the company that you are the best fit for their organization and you are worth their time and money. By tracking and organizing connections in CRM it is designed to make this whole process easier for you.

2.     Explore and target: First explore, in terms of searching different career profiles, research working professionals in your field of interest, and browse LinkedIn. Second, you should target where you want to live, the industry, the type of organization, and overall what your functioning position would be. A common misconception about being so “open” and “flexible” and to working anywhere imaginable may hurt your chances to be working somewhere awesome and overall make it more difficult to narrow in on one decision.

·       HubSpot CRM benefit: First type in the company name you are dealing with over on the Companies tab.  On this tab, you are able to keep and track every potential company you have on your top choices. Hubspot CRM will give you information on their location, size, and maybe even their social media. Anytime throughout your job search process you will be able to add a company to this tab and that way all of this information is in one place. You can also organize the list of companies by location, industry, size, or any specific detail that you want to focus on. You can also add notes to each company tab. This is a good idea to do when you are researching any individual or company so you know what to associate with them. I personally added job descriptions as well; this allowed me to make a quick reference and talking points if ever needed.

3.     Engaging, networking, and staying on track: Engage with the network you currently have and engage with others outside of that network as well. Use your resources and the people you know to enhance your experience. Informational interviews get your foot in the door and will only benefit your time. Use these conversations to learn more about others’ jobs. These are also people you can add to your CRM list of contacts. Always keep building relationships, they will help you with your job search and remain in your network for years to come.

·       HubSpot CRM benefit: When adding individual contacts you are able to do the same as when you add a company. Make any individual notes or add conversation pieces you had with that individual. It always looks good to remember and be able to reference back to a specific talking point with someone. That makes the person feel valued, respected, and just remembered!

4.     Applying/Interviewing process and beyond! : Networking never ends! Especially never stop networking once you have settled into a job. There is always opportunity everywhere you go and you never want to limit yourself. When applying and interviewing it is always important to be timely, focused, and on track. There is nothing more of a turn off for an employer than to see a candidate that is late or irresponsible. In a world as busy as the business world we live in today, people want to work with people who are efficient, honest, organized, and likable. One of the most important things to think about when networking or meeting for an interview is to always follow up! By staying on track and organized through HubSpot CRM you are more likely to remember this, especially when all of the information is right there for you.

·       HubSpot CRM benefit: By adding the Chrome extension with CRM you are able to track your emails. Employers are always impressed with young professionals that have great organization skills. I have been able to use my experience with CRM to my advantage. It shows you know how to resource your time and data. First, every email you send will be automatically recorded in the CRM. You will be able to see in chronological order every conversation you have had with that company. CRM creates a contact record and will associate all ties you have with that company. This is helpful because you can review emails, contacts, and points of conversation you had with that person. The Chrome extension also allows you to see when people view your emails. Now you do not have to feel paranoid or worried if they didn’t answer, or see it. It is the perfect way to send follow-ups and check back in. Not only tracking conversations, but HubSpot CRM can also allow you to track all of your applications and the process throughout your job search. Go to the deals tab to customize each stage you are in. You can track where you are in the process with each company! By creating labels such as:

  • Scheduled interview
  • Second interview scheduled
  • Hired
  • Not hired

you can monitor where you stand in each place you have applied.

Overall, HubSpot CRM is a great tool to use throughout the job search process. It prepares you each step of the way and for after as well. This is something to keep using throughout your career because it is all geared around building your network.


Brooke Sharbaugh & Edward Ibe