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4 things you need for any job fair

4 things you need for any job fair



  1. Business attire including a blazer with 2 front pockets
  2. Business Cards
  3. A pen
  4. A smile!

Some people believe a professional binder and copies of your resume are the most important things to bring. Certainly, don’t leave them behind.

Let’s start from the top. Professional attire for men is so much easier than for women. This time, ladies, I suggest you conform. Those pockets will help keep your hands free.

NOTE: A pocketbook is NOT on the list. It’s cumbersome and gets in the way. If possible, put your car keys in your pocket and lock your bag in the trunk.

Your business cards and the pen always go in the same pocket. Pick one pocket and stick with it. I usually put them in my left pocket because I’m shaking hands with my right.

Ask recruiters for their card. Use the pen to write notes on the back of their card. These notes will remind you what to say when you write a thank you note. If they don’t have a business card, get one of yours out of the proper pocket and write their name, contact information, and notes on the back of yours.

Once you collect information from a recruiter, those cards ALWAYS go in the other pocket. This system prevents you from accidentally giving away an important card. If your cards are always in the same pocket with the pen, and the important ones you collect are in the other, then you won’t get them comingled.

Some recruiters would rather receive your business card at the job fair. With their permission, you can forward your resume when they have more time to review it. Ask them what they prefer, they’ll likely find the suggestion impressive.

And the smile…. never leave home without it!

Let me know what you think. How did the Job Fair Go for you? Please share your tips!

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