Your Resume is NOT about YOU!



Your Resume is NOT about YOU!

(a message from the other side of the table)

There are three simple things to remember as you create a resume.

  1. Your Resume is NOT about YOU!
  2. I don’t care about your OBJECTIVE.
  3. I’m not interested in what you DID.

It’s pretty simple. The end.

Okay, it’s not the end. Let me do some quick explaining from the perspective of the person reviewing the ‘stack’ of resumes that just came across my desk as I decide who I want to chat with about the job I need to fill.

1.     Your Resume is NOT about YOU!

Well, it’s kind of about you. Smart folks understand that I’m going to spend less than 10 seconds screening each resume. Truly, your resume needs to tell me about what you can do for me! And, you need to do it REALLY fast! That’s a perfect segue to my second point….

2.     I don’t care about your OBJECTIVE.

An OBJECTIVE statement usually states what you seek. Please re-read statement #1. Your resume is not about you. At this point in our relationship, I really don’t care what you want. I need to know that you have the skills and abilities I need to get the WORK done around here. I need help! Tell me how you can deliver that help. What are you OFFERING me? Put it in a simple statement… Kind of like a tweet or pretend you are delivering me a verbal Snap Chat that makes you the PERFECT candidate for my job. Put it at the top of your resume. I’ll read it!

3.     I’m not interested in what you DID.

So, you were a ‘Bar Back’ or a ‘Server’ or you worked retail for a few summers. I pretty much know what you DID in those jobs. You don’t need to waste 3-5 bullets to say that you know how to serve food. I’m probably not looking for that skill. What I DO want to know is what did you ACHIEVE and what SKILLS did you learn? If you were a server, did you help the restaurant increase revenues by increasing sales of side dishes and dessert? (That’s a sales skill!) Better, yet, quantify it! 

  • From the beginning of summer until the end, I increased the average ticket by 10%.
  • In the third quarter, my team moved from last place to first in efficiency of operations.
  • Suggested improvements to business processes that led to a 2% reduction in labor costs.

Don’t tell me what you DID. Tell me how you took what you DID at that summer job and translated it into what you can DO for ME! 

Your resume is not about YOU….It is about WHAT YOU offer ME and how you are going to help me and my organization achieve higher levels of success.

THE END – For Real!

(But, I’ll be back with some thoughts on Cover Letters soon!)