Social Media Strategy... What's yours?

After reviewing a variety of other models, this explanation evolved from a semester long discussion between and among students in two sections of my course at Salisbury University’s Perdue School of Business; MKTG338- Special Topics in Marketing: Social Media Marketing. One section created the graphic design of the strategy, the other section wrote the narrative.

This model represents the process of planning, developing, and implementing a Social Media strategy for virtually any individual, company, or brand.    


Unlike many linear, step-by-step procedures, this model addresses intersecting and overlapping activities.

Listening is central and constant. The core of any marketing strategy is listening. Before taking any action, we must actively listen to what people are saying about our brand. 

Based upon who is speaking, what they are saying, and where they communicate, there are three fundamental steps in developing a social media strategy: Define, Strategize, and Implement

First, while engaging with our audience and measuring their responses, it’s time to DEFINE goals and objectives. Then, based upon the audience, and their conversations, STRATEGIZE methods of effectively and successfully communicating with them.  Remember to measure and evaluate the strategy at planned intervals.  Then, IMPLEMENT your new plan with tailored content while systematically engaging target groups and evaluating the response rates.  

Creating a social media strategy is an ongoing process.  There is neither beginning nor end. The strategy evolves continuously as brands adapt messaging to specific audiences and market-based opportunities.

Remember that a Social Media Strategy needs to tie into and coordinate with your overall Integrated Marketing Communications plan.  

 What are your thoughts about this model? Is it thorough? Comprehensive? What do you like about it? What’s missing? Please share your thoughts and comments. We’re all ears!

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