Study Skills

Employers seek Critical Thinking Skills. Let's show them our stuff!

Critical Thinking and Intellectual Standards

When I got back from our classroom discussion about Critical Thinking and Learning, I read a recent article from the Wall Street Journal titled,  “Employers Find ‘Soft Skills’ Like Critical Thinking in Short Supply.” Here’s a link.  Don’t make employers work so hard ‘teasing out your personality traits.’

Before you turn in that paper, assignment, project, report, or as you prepare for an interview remember to ask yourself some critical questions:


  • —  Clarity – Can everyone understand what you mean? Did you provide a relevant example?
  • —  Accuracy – Do you have data to support your claim? What’s your evidence?
  • —  Precision – Is it specific? Does it have enough detail?
  • —  Relevance – Do all of your points connect to the problem posed?
  • —  Depth – Will the solution solve the problem? Does it tackle the underlying problem? Was the solution thorough?
  • —  Breadth – Do we need to consider other stakeholder’s views? Is there another way to look at the question? Did you cover enough information?
  • —  Logic – Does it make sense to everyone? Can it be simplified or streamlined?
  • —  Fairness – Does everyone win? Are your proposed solutions equitable? And enforceable?

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